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"I like chicken with sweet soy sauce and ginger seasoning."

Translation:Saya suka ayam bumbu kecap dan jahe.

August 23, 2018



Shouldn't it be "saya suka ayam dengan kecap manis dan bumbu jahe"? Based on the English version


I thought that too, like the English version should be more like "I like sweet soy sauce and ginger seasoned chicken" - which doesn't sound as natural in English though.

Trying to pick apart and understand the Indonesian sentence, I think the direct translation is like two levels of adjective deep. Like, "I like cats with black and white colour" OR "I like black and white colour cats" = "Saya suka kucing warna hitam dan putih" kinda thing...


I've been missing this repeatedly. So have others. Make it right!


Can make absolutely no sense of this sentence, with 'dengan' bot allowed and the list of ingredients is in a different order. Pretty sure this is wrong.


This is a across eight languages where I have learnt the order of the words to get past but the meaning will remain lost as it is missing the word 'dengan' and the word for seasonings is misplaced. I am left pernanently bewildered as to whether its the american translation different from british engish ( their are numerous big differences) or the indonesian sentence formation or an error in supply of words.


Dengan not available!


Pretty confusing. Maybe the english should sound more like "I like chicken seasoned with sweet soy sauce and ginger"? Still does not sound right but somewhat better than it is now?


Ok, I get that the order of the modifiers is the exact opposite of what we do in Bahasa Inggris, but It's Ginger Seasoning -- why isn't it "Bumbu jahe"? Ya, Toots, I in confusion as well.


I think 'bumbu' here could be understood as "seasoned with" or "with a flavour of."


I asked my indonesian friend and he said, “not sure why they want you to say it like that, I dunno.” Not a good translation at all it seems.


I guess bumbu can mean flavor, so it appears that they’re applying kecap manis along with the jahe, kecap manis is it’s own thing though.


This should be allowed: Saya suka ayam dengan kecap manis dan jahe.


I guess the sentence has to be understood in English as "I like chicken seasoned with sweet soy sauce and ginger"


Yeah, everyone is thinking the problen is with the indo translation. I think it's the English sentence. It should read, "I like chicken with sweet soy sauce and ginger for seasonings." If the word seasoning were made plural it would make the indo accurate...ish. still unclear if manis must be there.


The word with > dengan I miss in this sentence So translated should be "Saya suka ayam dengan kecap dan jahe"


Possibly the worst sentemce on duolingo


For me it accepted "Saya suka ayam kecap dan bumbu jahe" That would translate to "I like soy-sauce-chicken with ginger spices"...? Also "sweet soy sauce" has to be "kecap manis", not just "kecap"


In the English version it is, "I like chicken", and it is the sauce that is seasoned. Yet, they say the chicken is seasoned in the answer.


In the English, it does not say the chicken itself is seasoned. But in the Indonesian equivalent, it says the chicken is seasoned, rather than the sauce.


More like "I like chicken seasoned with sweet soy sauce and ginger."


I like the chicken but deplore the sentence


I like seasoned kecap chicken and ginger? Dont know how I can remember this


can this be reported? seems... strange. in either language

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