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  5. "I order a fried chicken."

"I order a fried chicken."

Translation:Saya pesan ayam goreng.

August 24, 2018



I got the "Mark the correct meaning" exercise with "Aku memesan satu ayam goreng" as the correct meaning??? What's the difference? Which is better to use? "Saya pesan ayam goreng" or the one they gave me? Which is more formal, informal, etc. Just curious, thank you!


"me-mesan" is form by combining the prefix "me" with word "pesan", which doesn't really change the meaning, but only stress the action of "pesan", please see the function of prefix here: http://indodic.com/affixeng.html , although this makes it sound more formal.

"satu" is one in english, usually we can omit this (depending on context most of the time)

"saya pesan ayam goreng" "Saya memesan satu ayam goreng"

Both are correct, don't forget to mark it


I wrote "aku pesan sembuah ayam goreng" which was marked as wrong. Can't sembuah also be used to indicate ordering just one?


There is no "Sembuah" in Indonesian Language Dictionary. "Sebuah" is the correct one.

"Aku pesan sebuah ayam goreng" mean "I order a fried chicken".


I wrote "Saya pesan sebuah ayam goreng" and it was marked wrong... I think it should be correct for "I order a fried chicken"....


"Saya pesan sebuah ayam goreng" is accepted as correct now


Hai! I think the use of the counter sebuah is not always necessary, and that also depends on the context. To be more specific (at the restaurant), the counter can also be sepiring (a plate of... / piring means plate), but just if it is necessary in a context.

Also, try to report your answer when rejected, because not all the possible solutions are included yet. =)


We should be able to select My answer is correct and progress; rather than being given the same example at the end of the set.


Why was I marked as wrong for putting "Aku pesan ayam goreng", can pesan not be used with aku? thanks!


Could "Makan pesan ayam goreng" be used to say "i am eating the ordered fried chicken"? Or should it be mepesan?

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