"She eats an apple because she does not like oranges."

Translation:Dia makan apel karena dia tidak suka jeruk.

August 24, 2018

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"dia makan apel karena dia tidak suka jeruk-jeruk" - this is a correct response marked wrong by the app.


The above answer: "Dia makan apel karena dia tidak suka jeruk" would have been good, however for me the correct answer displayed was: "Dia makan apel sebab dia tak menyukai jeruk" which contains 3 words not introduced before


Oranges should be jeruk jeruk, not jeruk


What is the difference between karena and sebab? Aren't they both because?


Yes, they both indeed mean the same.

As a conjunctor, karena is more flexible and it can also be applied in the beginning of the sentence, e.g: Karena dia tidak suka jeruk, dia makan apel (Because/since she doesn't like oranges, she eats an apple).


dia makan SEBUAH apel karena dia tidak suka jeruk


Dia makan sebuah apel karena dia tak suka jeruk2?? Mengapa jawaban ni tak diizinkan??

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