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  5. "This is my door."

"This is my door."

Translation:Das ist meine Tür.

March 29, 2013



Why is it meine but not mein? As it should be der Tür...


I remember that it is 'die' because going through a door is a change of location and 'die Tür' sounds like 'detour.' lol


Stuff like this is why I always like to click on these discussions. :)


haha I like it thanks


Tür is feminine, so it needs to be meine


Then why die isn't used but das? Please help


When it's "this" or "that" you use "das". The sentence is "This is my door" and that's why it becomes "das" regardless of whether Tür is feminine or not. You use "die" when you say "the".

That/this door = Das Tür

The door = Die Tür


how "this" can be translated as "Das", is Diese the correct word!


In German, both 'das' and 'diese' can be translated as 'this'. I believe that in speech, 'diese' is rarely used since it's easy to show 'this' vs 'that'. It's more common in writing, since it's harder to explain 'this' vs 'that'.


From what I've picked up in other threads, as long as the noun doesn't immediately follow, das can be used no matter the gender or how many


Duolingo's translation is fine.


When to use 'Dieses' and "Diese' what is difference between them?


    Dieses is used in front of a neuter noun: Dieses Haus ist schön = "This house is nice"

    Diese is used in front of a feminine or plural noun: Diese Tür ist geschlossen = "This door is locked"

    If you don't have a noun directly after it, then you use dies: Dies sind meine Kinder = "These are my children"


    thank you so much!


    why is it 'deise ist meine Tur' instead of 'deises ist meine Tur'?


      Tür is feminine, but dieses is for neuter nouns. It doesn't fit together.

      Better is Dies ist meine Tür. That's like saying "This is my door", where "this" doesn't have any 'gender information' on it at all. If you say Diese ist meine Tür you're more strongly giving information to "this", making it more like "This door is my door" or at least "This one is my door".


      Can't is be "Meine Tür ist das" also?


      This is my door in Englisch. Why it is not correct "Es ist meine Tür"?


      Is "Dieses" wrong? It lists "Dies" as an acceptable translation, and I thought they meant the same thing. When is it more common to use "dieses" rather than "dies"?


      So, I thought it was possible in an instance such as this to say, 'Die its meine Tür' if you're trying to say this door here is my door, which seems to be the implied meaning of this prompt.


      No, "dies" and "das" mean "this" and "that" respectively, although I think the two words are more interchangeable in German than in English. It just so happens that "das" also means "the" for neuter nouns (in the nominative & accusative cases). "Der/die/das" can also be used to mean "which/who", though: "Hier ist ein Schloss, das alt ist." = There's a castle here which is old. "Ich esse einen Apfel, der gesund ist." = I'm eating an apple, which is healthy. "Ich habe eine Schwester, die laut ist" = I have a sister who's loud.


      If Tuer is feminine, why is it incorrect to say "Die ist meine Tuer" rather than "Das ist meine Tuer"? Must a nominative demonstrative pronoun always be in the neuter gender?


        When there's no noun after it, das can be used generically for nouns of any gender (even unknown - i.e. "what is that?" = was ist das?).


        "The is my door" sounds ok for you? The correct is "This is my door", right? The same works in German. That's your answer.


        When to use 'Dieses' and "Diese' what is difference between them?

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