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  5. "Kami mencari koran itu."

"Kami mencari koran itu."

Translation:We are looking for that newspaper.

August 24, 2018



"We look for the newspaper" should be accepted.


"Kamu mencari koran" means "We are looking for the newspaper," but it can mean, "We are looking for a newspaper."

The man on the newsstand waves his hand and tells you, "Kamu punya koran-koran."

"We are looking for THAT newspaper," makes it clear that we are looking for a particular newspaper. It could be the newspaper of our political party, our city, or our trade association. Perhaps it is the issue that has a story or a photo that we need for an essay.


Why is 'we search for the newspaper' wrong? thanks!


It is like searching on the floor. Not the news or anything on a electronic device.


I entered "Kami menjadi koran itu" which is wrong.

The correct solution doesn't give me any clear insight on my mistake however: "You used the wrong word. Meaning: We are looking for that newspaper."

I'd prefer to see the correct sentence with my mistake highlighted such as "Kami mencari koran itu"

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