"Keluarga itu terdiri dari pasangan suami-istri dan dua anak mereka."

Translation:That family consists of the husband and wife and their two children.

August 24, 2018

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Apa ada dengan “terdiri dari” dan “terdiri atas”?


Same question ....


requiring that definite article in the middle is clearly wrong


That family consists of husband and wife and their two children. That sounds correct to me but is not accepted.


Pasangan means couple but it does not seem to come up in the translation. Any reason for that?


"Pasangan suami-istri" = a "husband-wife couple", not really something you'd say in English.

You could include it as "a couple, of husband and wife", but that's a bit unnatural in English as well.

Closest phrase in English might be "married couple" or even just "couple", but then you're not really translating the "suami-istri" part of the sentence.

I think what Duo has here is close to the best compromise. It shows [what I assume to be] a perfectly natural phrase in Indonesian with "pasangan suami-istri", but tries to fit it into a more idiomatic phrasing in English with just "a/the husband and wife" for that part of the sentence.


what's wrong with "this family consists of the husband the wife and their 2 kids". You don't normally write "...and...and..."


I think in Indonesian does :*


Another option? "That family consists of a husband, a wife and two children"


I think this should also accept "That family comprises a husband and wife and their two children".


is it necessary to add "of" between consists & the. it meant to be unfamiliar sentence either °~°'


Yes. I am a native English speaker. "Consists" is always followed by "of". We also say "is made up of" and "is comprised of" but as Ria correctly states above, "comprises" does NOT need the word 'of'.

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