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  5. "उनके पिता अमेरिका में हैं।"

"उनके पिता अमेरिका में हैं।"

Translation:Their father is in America.

August 24, 2018



I'm confused as to why its उनके instead of उनका. Can anyone tell me why it's so?


In this case, because it's their father, they are refering to him in the plural way to be more respectful/formal. It's like how Usted/respectful you in spanish is third person


Just because there is an respactable word use for elders like father mother


"US" should also be accepted alongside "USA"


This needs to be corrected. In every lesson up to this it is translated as America. Why did this change?


Do respectful family words like पिता and नानी always take plural adjectives? Or is it up to the speaker to choose a singular or plural adjective?


maybe honorific is reserved for only male members of the family. According to google translate -

"their father, their mother, their maternal grandmother, their maternal grandfather, their grandfather, their grandmother, their uncle, their aunty, her husband, his wife"

translates to

" उनके पिता, उनकी माँ, उनके नाना, उनके नाना, उनके दादा, उनकी दादी, उनके चाचा, उनकी मौसी, उसका पति, उसकी पत्नी"


Then what is ushke means?


I am a little confused as to why we can't also translate the sentence as "they have a father in America" instead of "their father is in america", because in other duolingo exercises, उसके दा बटे है (i may have spelled it wrong), it's she has two sons, right?


America is in Hindi so why is it wrong to say in English America rather than USA?


What is the differrnce between Unka and Uska?

[deactivated user]

    Why is it उनके instead of उसके?

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