"Saya suka minum jahe panas."

Translation:I like drinking hot ginger.

August 24, 2018

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This is less of a vocabulary issue than a cultural one - jahe panas is perfectly understandable in Indonesia but hot ginger is not for English speakers. Typically it's called hot ginger tea, even if no actual tea leaves are used.


Hmm. The hot ginger drink I've usually had is called "susu jahe", but maybe there are other popular ginger drinks in Indonesia that I am unaware of. Also, I translated this sentence originally to "I like hot ginger drink", because you are right, "I like drinking hot ginger" is not a usual sentence in English. But why should it be? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


How do you drink ginger? Ginger is a root. I think it's more appropriate to say "I like drinking hot ginger tea."


It’s kinda similar like hot chocolate or a cup of coffee. The fruits have the similar name, it doesn’t mean that we have to add ‘tea’ or ‘drinks’ just because it’s diluted with water. Especially in context of jahe as drinks in Indonesia, jahe panas and the jahe have different level of concentration.


The Indonesian sentence is fine. But in English we can't say "drink hot ginger;" and omit the "tea," because we do think of ginger as a solid.


In the Indonesian context, people may drink "jahe panas", but in the English language, you are implying that you warm up the ginger piece directly (without any liquid) and eating it just like that, which doesn't make sense. That's why we say "ginger tea" because we infuse the hot water with the ginger, rendering the liquid to be "hot ginger tea."


Can 'I like to drink hot ginger' also be correct?


Yes. I've just typed that as an answer and it was accepted.


^ Can't agree more with this.


that depends how hot is the red head?

[deactivated user]

    When I was in Indonesia and saw Ginger on the beverage section, they will always add teh on the end or put it in the teh section.


    If you don't know what hot ginger looks like, just google it


    I regret it, please google it in Indonesian instead of English


    Hot ginger drink if the ginger is left in and blended to drink like Saraba. Hot ginger tea if it is an infusion of ginger root. Or ginger coffee if it's kopi jahe...


    pesan panas

    selesai selai

    bayar bayam



    What everyone else has said going back three years (so why hasn't this been corrected already?)--the English is nonsensical. "Tea" needs to be added.


    How about "Saya suka minum jus jahe panas?

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