"The books are there."

Translation:किताबें वहाँ हैं।

August 24, 2018

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वहाँ किताबें हैं। Wrong?


That would be "There are books there."


वहाँ किताबें हैं। seems to be a correct translation


Because in Hindi you always start the sentence with what is already known. So the answer to the question "Where are the books?" must start with the books in Hindi. If the question was "what is there?" the answer starts with There, so then it could be वहाँ किताबें हैं बहुत. That would translate to There are books there.


I also wrote that too it showed Wrong


For the translation given for "which books are there" the वहाँ comes first. Here putting वहाँ first is marked wrong. Can someone explain the grammar behind this?


It's usually the definite (known, specific or previously mentioned) stuff that comes first. In "The books are there", "the book" is definite, so it comes first in the translation. Whereas in "Which books are there?", "there" is the definite component of the sentence, and hence it comes first when translated.

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