"Saya menggambar Tono dan Tini makan ayam."

Translation:I draw Tono and Tini eating chicken.

August 24, 2018

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I draw Tono and Tini eats chicken should be accepted.There is no article in indonesian.


Yes ... the answer given has no grammar in it


Andi will get mad at this


"I am drawing Tono and Tini eating (a) chicken" is also an acceptable answer.


I typed this answer but it is showing me incorrect...


"and tini is eating chicken" or "and tini is eating a chicken"


I believe the sentence can mean either:

  • I draw Tono and Tini eating (a) chicken. (I draw them as if they're eating chicken.)
  • I draw Tono and Tini eats (a) chicken. (I draw Tono, while Tini eats chicken.)

Context is required to resolve it.


Nah, it's meant to be how it is,

E.g. I draw (the following:) Tono and Tini eating chicken


That's just ignoring it. Without context, "Saya menggambar Tono dan Tini makan ayam." can be taken to mean "Saya menggambar Tono dan Tini makan ayam".


This is what i thought and would like to know the difference in Indonesian


The "slow audio" icon blocks out some of the Indonesian words making it impossible to select the correct answers.


"I draw Tono & Tini eats chicken": same phrase in Indo!


English grammar in this sentence is correct ? Answer is incorrect and meaningless


The English grammar in the 'answer' is NOT correct. It should be 'Tini IS eating chicken' or 'Tini EATS chicken' .


Yes, the English sentence is correct. The answer is correct too.


Finally, something Tini related that doesn't arouse me, besides the pedo thing that Duolingo made while being drunk


Shouldn't this be "Saya menggambar Tono dan Tini ketika mereka makan ayam." ?


Both "eating" and "eat" are correct in English grammer, they just mean different things. a) I saw him cross the road. b) I saw him crossing the road. a) is when I saw the whole process of him walking from one side of the road to the other. b) is when I caught a sight of him walking across the road at a certain moment, even for half a second.

Therefore, in this translation "eating" is probably more appropreate because drawing is that you take a certain moment and freeze that into a 2D picture, you can't draw the whole process.

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