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Ура Duolingo!

Lately the audio for the Russian lessons has really improved. The voices are varied, sometimes male and sometimes female, and the sentences are complete and seamless.

Kudos to Duolingo for finishing another five year plan ahead of schedule.

August 24, 2018



It would be - if it worked. For many this change has broken much of the audio.


Мне тоже понравилось.


Hmmm, last lesson I just took had the new voices and one example of the old phone menu narrator. Still, it's better overall.


Yeah just came here to say thanks for this. The new voices are great, my hearing success rate rose massively overnight.


I studied Russian years ago in college. I thought I'd give Duolingo Russian a try. I thought the voices could use a lot of improvement.


I wish the voices would speak a bit slower. The original female voice spoke particularly fast and was hard to follow in longer sentences because the words ran together.


visiting Russia you would understand that Duolingo audio is slow, just like in small towns. In cities our speech is fast, so when your time comes, you'll hear everything ;)

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