"Me- verbs", Tips & Notes, Addendum.

"Me- verbs", Tips & Notes, Addendum.

The table on that page is not complete.
The following is missing:

words starting with "k" ==> (me+ng) + (base word - k)

kebut ==> mengebut
kejar ==> mengejar
kipas ==> mengipas

words starting with "s" ==> (me+ny) + (base word - s)

sapu ==> menyapu
sikat ==> menyikat

monosyllabic words ==> (me+nge) + (base word)

cat ==> mengecat
pel ==> mengepel
bom ==> mengebom

The table on that page states "verbs starting letter".
That implies that me- prefix is only used with verbs.
That is not correct.
It's used to form (mostly) transitive verbs, but the base word does not have to be a verb.

Thank you for reading.

Selamat belajar.

(4/feb/2019)...EDIT...below is the complete table...

Starting letter base word Conjugation
l, m, n, r, w Me + base
vowel, g, h Me + ng
c, d, j Me + n
b, f, v Me + m
k Me + ng – k
t Me + n – t
s Me + ny – s
p Me + m – p
monosyllabic Me + nge +base

August 24, 2018

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Indonesian affixes are basically anything-to-something-else super-convenient converter :-))

August 26, 2018
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