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"Die Tochter hatte den Partner einfach behalten."

March 29, 2013



What does this sentence even mean? In English or German...

Also the way "einfach behalten" is pronounced in the audio, it sounds like they kept the partner simple (whatever that means), not "einfach behalten" which would be more along the lines of the suggested translation.


Yes, this is a crazy and unidiomatic sentence without context. "Behalten" is normally used with objects, so using it with a person makes it sound like the partner is her employee, which is odd.

However, the inflection is correct!


I wondered whether "behalten" meant "kept on" as in as an employee, but my answer was rejected: "The daughter had simply kept on the partner". Is this an incorrect interpretation?


It could be a possible interpretation. The problem here is that translation is always dependent on context, and the sentence itself provides very little of that.


It might also be a personal relationship kind of partner. If the father for example tells the daughter that he does not accept her boyfriend but the daughter kept her boyfriend and later someone wonders why they are still together one could say: ,,Die Tochter hatte den Partner einfach behalten." This can be a possible context, but I agree that it is not a very common used sentence.

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