"हमें पढ़ने जाना है।"

Translation:We have to go to study.

August 24, 2018

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The correct sentence is given as "We've to go to study". That is not correct English. Have cannot be contracted when it is emphasized.


"We have to go study" is a much more idiomatic sentence than "We have to go to study."


I agree that "We have to go study" is what would normally be said. I think sometimes there is too much emphasis on word to word translation, which results in sentences that are a bit unnatural.


As an English (England) speaker I would say "We have to go to study"


Maybe in US English. The latter is more natural for me as a British English speaker. It's good to have all the options out there though.

[deactivated user]

    Why is जाना not जाने used with the plural हमें ? Thanks!


    That's funny. My question is why is it पढ़ने and not पढ़ना


    Because we have to go and not we have to study.


    हमें is the oblique form of the pronoun we, i.e. us, used this way to convey the English idea of have to. (Hindi doesn't have a direct translation for have.)
    If we use another infinitive, such as पढ़ना with the intransitive verb to go, जाना, then it takes the oblique form, thus पढ़ने and not पढ़ना (to study).

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