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  5. "Nimeacha simu yangu nyumbani"

"Nimeacha simu yangu nyumbani"

Translation:I have left my phone at home

August 24, 2018



Do we have to use have. Is it not I left my phone at home


We do have to use "have" because "me" is the perfect tense, which is the equivalent of saying "I have left my phone at home." If we were to say "I left my phone at home" it would be "niliacha simu yangu nyumbani." This probably isn't the best sentence for distinguishing between tenses because the two sentences mean pretty much the same thing in English; I cannot think of a situation where one would work but the other wouldn't.


Figured this one out by using the hook in this song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKOG8BzGAMc

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