"Bagaimana saya bisa membuat hati kamu terbuka?"

Translation:How can I open your heart?

August 24, 2018

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… said the cardiologist to the patient.


Nooooo! "Jantung" is "physical heart" whereas "hati" means "emotional heart" AND "physical liver". You need to have a hepatologist, not a cardiologist. :D


♪Let my love open the door,

Let my love open the door,

Let my love open the door,

To your liver!♪


Meaning: How can I make your heart opened?

This is literally correct, and I know that it's meant to teach "terbuka".
(this sentence is from the skill 'ter- verbs')
It's just not romantic, it doesn't have the right vibe.

How can I open your heart ?
How does that sound ?
What are your thoughts ?
What would be a better (more romantic) translation for this in English ?


I guess, "How can I make you open your heart" would be the closest using 'open', but personally I think, "How can I win your heart" would be a better way to say it.


Yes I think this is a good equivalent translation


Agreed about it not having the right vibe, but it also should be "Open" not "Opened"


The sentence is unidiomatic in English. "How can I open up your heart?" would be a better translation in English.


The last words you ever hear...


"Buka hatimu.. bukalah sedikit untukku, sehingga diriku bisa memilikimu" (from an Indonesian song)


After anesthesia induction, perform an 8-10 inch sternal skin incision followed by sternotomy to expose the heart. After that, open up the wrapping around the heart called the pericardium, then subject me to a heart-lung bypass machine (also called a Cardiopulmonary Bypass Machine). After all these procedures, you are now able to open my heart without killing me.

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