"Buku itu miliknya."

Translation:That book is hers.

August 24, 2018



I translated as "That is her book." Shouldn't that be okay?

August 25, 2018


I translated as "That is her book." Shouldn't that be okay?

Same-same, but different.
It means the same, but it has a different structure.

Buku itu miliknya = That book is hers.
Itu bukunya = That is her book.

I think that this phrase is used to demonstrate the use of the possessive pronoun (3rd person singular).

August 25, 2018


I translated this as that book is hers. I do not understand when it is 'the book' or 'that book' when using itu. Can you please explain?

August 24, 2018


From Indonesian to English "Itu" is "that"

But if it's from English to Indonesian, since article "a, an & the" doesn't really have direct translation, we can translate as "ini, itu" or "nya" depending on the contexts, and of course "that" is "itu"

August 25, 2018


How could you use nya to translate "the"? Would you use it as a suffix? I thought that would only denote 3rd p. singular possessive.

October 2, 2018


Yes, That book is His = Buku itu milik-nya That book is Hers = Buku itu milik-nya

That is his book = Itu adalah Buku-nya That is her book = Itu adalah Buku-nya

"His / His" for male "Her / Hers" for female

October 15, 2018


Why not: That book belongs to her...?

December 9, 2018


I guess bc there weren't the word "milik" which means belong, so to say that book belongs to her it should be "buku itu miliknya"

February 24, 2019


I translated as: that book is his. It should be right as well, isn't? -nya is his or her, right?

October 13, 2018


Why is "The book is his" wrong? In all the other questions, "the" is accepted as a translation for "itu".

November 14, 2018


"The" is translated to "nya" , "itu" means "that" , and "this" translate to "ini"

February 24, 2019


Read my comment again. As I said, in all the other questions, "the" is accepted as a translation for "itu".

April 2, 2019


That is her book That book is hers These are the same Why incorrect?

March 31, 2019
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