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  5. "That is his pencil."

"That is his pencil."

Translation:Itu pensil dia.

August 24, 2018



Shouldn't 'Pencil itu miliknya' be correct?


this sentence emphasises HIM, while Pensil itu miliknya emphasises the PENCIL


Ah, thank you. After reading some other comments and thinking about this it's a bit clearer to me now. I (and I think some others) were confused by another example sentence 'That book is hers', which translates into 'Buku itu miliknya' because, as you state, in that case the focus of the sentence is the book and not the person where in this case it is the reverse.


I think it would have to be "That PENCIL is his"


I did "Itu pensilnya" and it said that I had an extra space and that the correct answer was "Itu pensil dia", but wouldn't both be correct? Also, it wasn't an extra space.


Yes, both of those are correct. You could even say "pensilnya dia" although that is a bit redundant


Does adding "nya" onto the end of a noun indicate possession?


Yes. You can also use "dia". "Anjingnya" and "Anjing dia" both mean "His/her dog". :)


How come "itu" does not come after "pensil" in this case?


Emphasis on HIS rather than the PENCIL


This is really confusing. One time it is pensil itu and the other time it is itu pensil. I can't seem to get this correct!

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"Pensil itu" would be "that pencil"/"those pencils", while "itu pensil" would be "that is a pencil"/"those are pencils".


The way i worked this out is that if it's mine, yours, etc, i have milik + ending for the person. Otherwise it's my, your, his and you use the personal pronoun


(Noun) itu = That (noun) ? "Pensil itu" = "That pencil" ? So, why in that sentence "Itu pensil dia" , "itu" is placed BEFORE the noun ? THANKS A LOT


In this case you are using 'itu' as 'that'. Why couldn't it have been 'that book' in the previous example?


Hi, citing "the previous example" doesn't work because lessons are created dynamically. The is no fixed "previous." We shiuld always give the full example ourselves.


The problem with Duolingos answer is 'pensilnya' means 'the pensil'. Writing 'Itu pensilnya' as if this means 'That is his pencil' doesn't make sense. Logically it should be 'Itu dia pensil' which directly translated means 'That his pencil'


'Itu dia pensil' is grammatically incorrect, the correct would be "Itu pensil dia" Pensil dia and Pensilnya are interchangeable


No, "pensilnya" means "his pencil", not "the pencil".

And in Indonesian word order is different. You could say "Itu pensil dia" which is "that pencil him". And then "pencil dia" gets shrunk down to "pencilnya".


It's so wrong, because -nya it also okay..m

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