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"I used a paper clip to connect two pieces of paper."

Translation:cha' navmey vIrarmeH mavjop vIlo'.

August 25, 2018



Technically, isn't it the paperclip actually doing the connecting not the person? Kind of like if somebody built a bridge, isn't the bridge now doing the action of connecting two roads, not the person who built the bridge? I think I wouldn't use vi- on rar.


We have a canonical sentence that shows the (plural) objects of rar are the things that get connected together, and the subject is the thing that puts them together.

Once in a while a Klingon verb will let you do it both ways (e.g., something that stops can mev, while you can cause something to stop with mev.), but without any evidence of this, it's safer to just do it the way we know you can do it.


So you mean that in a Klingon sentence, you would disprefer saying that the bridge connects the roads with the bridge as subject of the verb rar?


tawmey rar QI
A bridge connects the roads.

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