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Good simple TV shows or YouTube channels in Bahasa Indonesia

Halo! Aku mau mendengarkan bahasanya. Writing practice is all well and good but speaking is even more important. I want to hear the language spoken casually, how it would be day to day. Media is the best way for that. Any recommendations?

August 25, 2018



There's a sitcom, Kelas Internasional, about an international school, that we watched a few times in my Bahasa class. It's mostly slapstick humor so we didn't find it very funny but it's pretty easy to follow.


It is easy to watch indonesian TV via the internet or apps, but you really need to find something with subtitles ... even if the are in Indonesia ... they talk very quickly and it is easy to get lost without subtitlesto help provide some context or a few words to help recognise other words less well known

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