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Creating several Duolingo accounts at the same time

Assuming that many of my students do not have an email and i cannot send them a link to register, and i want to invite them to my section directly by creating an account for them, is there a way of creating several of them at the same time?

I have done this manually in the past, but it is a bit cumbersome when you have to create hundreds of accounts.

Any ideas of how to make this more efficiently?

Thanks in advance for any tip

August 25, 2018



Hi Pentaan Thanks for your reply. Currently I use that feature, however, it is a cumbersome when you have hundres of students (last time i created 250 accounts and it was a bit tiring). I was wondering if i could upload a list in excel, or a text file or a .csv with the names and Duolingo created all the accounts.

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