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  5. "They still cook rice."

"They still cook rice."

Translation:Mereka tetap memasak nasi.

August 25, 2018



Id have thought mereka masih memasak nasi. Tetap has a sense of permanence which i dont get from the ebglish word still.


Yes you are right "tetap" is usually associated with a sense of permanence. Therefore, "masih" is a better word to use in this cotext.


Hi there! In the Malaysian language we have a specific word to cook rice: menanak nasi. Do you use it in Indonesian too? Mekasih!


Yea, there is also "menanak nasi' ini Indonesian too


I thought it will be "Mereka masih masak nasi" btw im Indonesian, i just want to try the Indonesian (/ω\)


Does this sentence imply more information? I remember reading somewhere that tetap is what you would use in the sense of "despite".

EG: I told them I don't like rice, but they still cook rice.


mereka tetap memasak beras should be accepted, since the word nasi refers to rice which is already cooked

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