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  5. "At his place one eats!"

"At his place one eats!"

Translation:Bei ihm wird gegessen!

March 29, 2013



I guess in this case the "one" is implied, again, right?


When "man" can be used, I don't see the need for passive voice: Bei ihm isst man!


Is it wrong to write "Bei ihm wird es gegessen!" ?


I tried "An seiner Wohnung wird gegessen!", but it was not accepted. In English, when we say "his place" we don't mean a place, but a home or residence. Yet one of the translations DL gives is "An seinem Platz wird gegessen!" which I don't think has that connotation. (Or does it?)


His place 'bei ihm' in the example has the same meaning as English, like at his house


Yes, I understand. But the other translation given was "An seinem Platz wird gegessen!" I wondered whether "An seinem Platz" was also use for "at his place" or was just a literal, word for word, translation.

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