"I am not going to school."

Translation:Saya tidak berangkat ke sekolah.

August 25, 2018

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Berangkat vs pergi?


Berangkat is usually used only to imply that you are leaving from a certain place to another, while pergi can be used for other meanings, such as "pergi dari hidupku" (go away from my life) and "dia sudah pergi" (he is gone/he passed away) -cmiiw


They both have the same meaning


Can't you also say "saya tidak ke sekolah"?


I think "I am not leaving for school" is a more literal translation, right.

"I am not going to school" seems to be more appropriate for "Saya tidak pergi ke sekolah"


The choices in the suggested boxes for "going to" did not include "pergi". I chose "berangkat" because it came closest in meaning to "going". Does that mean that "(ber?)pergi" and "berangkat" are synonyms?


I would have thought that berangkat is not the best answer as it implies the I am leaving school, whereas the translation asks for me, going to school. The implication being that i was not at school in the first instance.

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