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  5. "Nepotřebujete to ani říkat!"

"Nepotřebujete to ani říkat!"

Translation:You don't even need to say it!

August 25, 2018



I wrote: "You don't need to even say it". This was accepted, and here I see that "You don't even need to say it" is also right. These 2 sentences have a slightly different meaning in English, depending on the position of "even". Is this difference also possible in Czech, for instance by putting "ani" first?


I think "Nepotřebujete to ani říkat!" is probably somewhat closer to "You don't need to even say it" with "You don't even need to say it" closer to "Ani to nepotřebujete říkat.".


"You need not even to say it" is wrong?


"You need not even say it" is accepted. In this construction -- "need not (verb)" -- it is incorrect to include "to."

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