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  5. "Saya berasal dari Jakarta."

"Saya berasal dari Jakarta."

Translation:I am from Jakarta.

August 25, 2018



Verba [berasal]

berasal (ber- + asal, aktif mengasali, pasif diasali)


asal : : : 1. Yang mula-mula sekali. 2. Keadaan (tempat; wujud; rupa dsb.). 3. Keturunan.

Definisi Singkat : 1 origin; cause. 2 provided that. BER-: come from, descended from. Also Se-,+

Definisi Inggris :

*ASAL1=1 origin, source. 2 beginning, cause. SE-: related. -NYA: originally, initially. *BER-: 1 come from. 2 be descended from. *--USUL: origins, source.

*ASAL2=1 provided that, as long as. 2 do s.t. for no good reason other than just to do it. 3 just be able to do the most important thing. SE--NYA: haphazardly, only well enough to get by. -KAN: provided that.

Contoh : ASAL MULA buah ini dari bijinya. => The VERY BEGINNING of this fruit is from its seed.

Dari mana ASALMU? => From where are your ORIGINS?

Kamu BERASAL dari mana? => Where do you COME FROM?

......Jangan ASAL bicara nanti ayah marah lho! => ......Don't talk FOR NO GOOD REASON. Father will become angry!

Biar lambat ASAL selamat. => Its OK if we're late, JUST SO THAT were safe.

Engkau boleh pulang, ASAL pekerjaanmu telah selesai. => You may go home, JUST AS LONG AS your work is finished.

Source: Wiktionary bahasa Indonesia




I think "I am originally from Jakarta" works better than "I am originated from Jakarta".


From thirty frigging three cities in Indonesia they care only two city jakarta and Bali


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