"Saya berasal dari Jakarta."

Translation:I am from Jakarta.

August 25, 2018

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There are far too many new words on these "ber verbs" lessons, in my opinion. Up until now, words have been introduced gradually so that it is manageable, but there are simply far too many new words here.


Right? I am overwhelmed trying to remember them.


I'm not even trying to remember them haha, maybe after like 5 stages of this I will


Yep..100% agree with u...


I was thinking the exact same thing


From thirty frigging three cities in Indonesia they care only two city jakarta and Bali



Verba [berasal]

berasal (ber- + asal, aktif mengasali, pasif diasali)


asal : : : 1. Yang mula-mula sekali. 2. Keadaan (tempat; wujud; rupa dsb.). 3. Keturunan.

Definisi Singkat : 1 origin; cause. 2 provided that. BER-: come from, descended from. Also Se-,+

Definisi Inggris :

*ASAL1=1 origin, source. 2 beginning, cause. SE-: related. -NYA: originally, initially. *BER-: 1 come from. 2 be descended from. *--USUL: origins, source.

*ASAL2=1 provided that, as long as. 2 do s.t. for no good reason other than just to do it. 3 just be able to do the most important thing. SE--NYA: haphazardly, only well enough to get by. -KAN: provided that.

Contoh : ASAL MULA buah ini dari bijinya. => The VERY BEGINNING of this fruit is from its seed.

Dari mana ASALMU? => From where are your ORIGINS?

Kamu BERASAL dari mana? => Where do you COME FROM?

......Jangan ASAL bicara nanti ayah marah lho! => ......Don't talk FOR NO GOOD REASON. Father will become angry!

Biar lambat ASAL selamat. => Its OK if we're late, JUST SO THAT were safe.

Engkau boleh pulang, ASAL pekerjaanmu telah selesai. => You may go home, JUST AS LONG AS your work is finished.

Source: Wiktionary bahasa Indonesia




I think "I am originally from Jakarta" works better than "I am originated from Jakarta".


What's the difference between A and B?

A. saya dari jakarta B. saya berasal dari jakarta


What's the difference bitween saya dari jakarta and saya berasal dari jakarta?


saya dari - i [am] from, saya berasal dari - i come from

I'm not really sure if that translates to phrasing though... can you say "saya dari dapur" to mean "i came from/am coming from the kitchen," and vice versa?

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