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No grammar notes?

Hi guys! I just started learning Hindi yesterday and I am REALLY struggling with the abugida, or Devanagari. As you know, there are special marks in the abugida to change the letter's end vowel. There are no explanations for the placement of the modifying marks and they just introduce the letters in the lessons. I am really struggling and I would really love to have explanations for writing in Devanagari. Guys, please help me! Are you also struggling with learning Devanagari characters?

P.S. If any Indians can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate. Please write the "Tips and Notes" in the comments below.

August 25, 2018



Indian here - the marks are called matras, they are used to represent vowel sounds. It's part of how the script is written, not grammar. The course doesn't really explain it well (annoying, since I joined the course mainly to relearn the script as opposed to speaking Hindi). But there's loads of resources in the comments of thread I made on the topic, just below. This is the one I found most useful: https://www.omniglot.com/writing/hindi.htm


I might be able to help; I have a lot of Indians friends. I'll try to pass 'em down to ya.


Doesn't the index of the tips and notes help? https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28223446

I thought that under "Basics" or in the links provided in the discussion you might find what you need. I hope this is the case. :-)


They don't have any explanation on where to put the marks and anything... Sorry but didn't help... Thanks anyways, here 3 lingots.


What do those character mean? I really want to know what they mean in English.


The chart shows vowel marks (middle column) corresponding to each vowel (left column) when they combine with a consonant (right column; with the consonant "क" (ka)). This video explains it clearly (and in a bit funny accent).


Great video!! Thanks for the resource


thanks! here's sixteen lingots.


I learn the alphabets for quite a few of the Indian abugidas from here http://languagereef.com/


Be careful while using languagereef. The audio for some vowels of many languages is wrong. For example, Hindi ऐ is not a diphthong like Malayalam ഐ, nor is Bangla অ pronounced the same as its Tamil counterpart அ. They seem to have used the same audio files for corresponding vowels across different languages.

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