"Have you received a spoon?"

Translation:Apakah Ibu sudah mendapat sendok?

August 25, 2018

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Have you received a spoon?
Meaning: Apakah Ibu sudah mendapat sendok?

Apakah Ibu sudah mendapat sendok? = the only accepted translation.

Apakah Anda sudah mendapat sendok? = not accepted, reported
Apakah kamu sudah mendapat sendok? = not accepted, reported
Apakah Anda sudah menerima sendok? = not accepted, reported
Apakah kamu sudah menerima sendok? = not accepted, reported

Dear Duolingo, I think it's fair to accept another alternative translation as well.

Right now, it's necessary to include "Ibu" in the Indonesian translation.
However, there is no hint of that word in the English sentence .


If the English were "Have you received a spoon, ma'am?" then including Ibu would make sense E->BI


That's the literal translation, but in Indonesian words like ibu ("mother", "ma'am") and bapak ("father", "sir") can function like highly formal second person pronouns.

For example: If asking your boss if he wants a drink, you might say, "Apakah bapak ingin minuman?"

Note: Indonesian loves to shorten words, and "ibu" and "bapak" are often shortened to "bu" and "pak" as the equivalent of ma'am or sir; in this way, "yes sir" is "ya, pak."


But the question does not mention a specific person, just "you". There is no way to know from the question who "you" might be. Only the limited choices for answers give a clue but if you have selected to use the keyboard then I think those limited choices are no longer a clue.


I got it wrong because I thought I saw the word Kamu in the choices and selected that but it was kamar.


I really couldn't figure out the answer.


There is English sentence is Have you received a spoon... not Has mother received a spoon... You shak check the test material.carefully coz if not you made us (the participants) missed the correct vocabulary

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