"Dlaczego dajesz mi klucze?"

Translation:Why are you giving me the keys?

August 25, 2018



would mnie work the same here as mi?

August 25, 2018


In my opinion, it would sound a little comical. :) The longer form (mnie, tobie...) is typically used where "semantic stress" is to be put. In the example above the sentence focuses on (why) the keys are being given rather than who they are being given to.

Mnie dajesz klucze - you're giving the keys to me (But you need to think about it as if it said "I am the one you're giving the keys to") To emphasize the word "mnie" even more, you can say "To mnie dajesz klucze".

Also/therefore, it's advised not to use the shorter form at the beginning of a sentence.

August 26, 2018
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