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"Které věci nenávidí Žofie na našem pokoji?"

Translation:Which things does Žofie hate about our room?

August 25, 2018



"Which things does" doesn't sound right here. A native speaker would just say "What does Žofie hate about our room?"


I'm a native (AmE) speaker, and I don't think there's anything wrong with the translation given, although I can certainly imagine "What does Žofie hate" on the English side, too..

But the original sentence uses "které věci," the direct translation of which is "which things." Literal translations don't always work well, but this one does. It will be up to the experts on the Czech side to determine whether "what" should also be accepted as a translation for "které věci."


I think this translation is not direct enough.


How can "What does Sophie hate about our room" be incorrect?? It is asking to translate into English and the English version of Zofie is Sophie. I don't get it


It's actually easy.... the course doesn't accept name changes from Czech to English. Just stick with what's in the Czech sentence, and change for case as needed.

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