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  5. "What do the men drink?"

"What do the men drink?"

Translation:Was trinken die Männer?

March 29, 2013



Why "Was die Männer trinken?" is wrong?


Thanks Hohenems. But the part "In a statement (not a question) the verb always comes second" doesn't help much, given that the text to be translated is a question


"What" is a question word, so that rule (the "not a question" part) doesn't apply. What they mean by "(not a question)" is that when asking a question the verb is often first. As in "Do you drink coffee?" = "Trinken Sie Kaffee?". Maybe this link will help you more? http://coerll.utexas.edu/gg/gr/con_06.html


Danke Hohenems. Jetzt das habe ich verstanden. (is it correct?? but thanks)


Es ist falsch ! Du sollst sagen " Jetzt habe ich das verstanden " Das Verb bleibt immer am zweiten Platz :)

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