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Hindi needs work

I've been doing some basic Hindi, well, when you get to about halfway through Basics 1, The only thing they have is how to say and write "ONE". When will it be out of beta stage? I'll be helping. :)

August 25, 2018



This is as much a fault of Duo's sentence-choosing algorithm as anything.

It's also because the team are trying something new with the Devanagari-teaching sections. There will almost certainly be changes in the future and new exercise types developed. Once you progress onto full sentences, you won't find any more such, errr, 'anomalies'.

In short, give it a try, the course is good! You can learn the basics of Devanagari from another source if you don't like the beginning. It's not complicated.


Hindi is actually pretty good. They will teach you other words in the upcoming lessons. Even I hope it will soon come out of Beta.


Instead of testing out of the skill, press start and it’ll give you the lesson, teaching you words like book and apple.

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