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Stadtteil/Bezirk & Stadt/City

What is the difference between these words? I have never heard a German city referred to with "city" it is always "Stadt".

6 years ago



Yes, a city is generally refered to as "Stadt" as in New York and "Stadtteil" means district (of a city) such as Brooklyn.

Colloquially, both "City" and "Stadt" are often used to refer to the city center, synonymously to the more specific word "Innenstadt".

A "Bezirk" or "Stadtbezirk" is an (administrative) district. Depending on what administrative district it refers to it can span less or more than one city districts or entire cities.

Hope this helps :)

Also refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stadtbezirk

6 years ago


Stadt means city. Stadttiel means a district. (or burrough). New York city would be a Stadt. Brooklyn would be a Stadttiel.

6 years ago


Okay, then what is "Bezirk"?

6 years ago


die Stadt=City der Stadtteil=part of a city (as teil means piece, like for cakes) der Bezirk=district, it depends on the dimension.

Bezirk is definitively no lake :)

You have many other words: das Umgebung, der Bereich... I think you'll learn practicing.

6 years ago


And what about Vorort? I was taught that this means suburb, (which I guess is the same as a district).

5 years ago