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Which lessons (alltogether) cover the 150 words in the HSK-1 exam?

Hello I'd like to use duolingo to focus my learning as much as possible on just the 150 basic words of the HSK-1 exam. Is there a way to see which Duolingo lessons cover the 150 words?

E.g: Is there a list of "Duolingo Lesson" -> Word mapping I can get somewhere?

Here are the HSK-1 words: http://giammy.com/hsk/hsk1-a3.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanyu_Shuiping_Kaoshi

August 26, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I think there is no easy way to do that, unfortunately. The words are scattered because Duolingo teaches in a different order than the HSK.

    I know from experience that doing all lessons up to the third checkpoint will cover nearly all of the HSK1 vocabulary (90% or more).


    Make sure you google practice HSK 1 test

    Chinese HSK 1 (FULL - 150) most used words first!


    Other options:

    HSK1 Word List All 150 words for the HSK1 test.


    HSK 1 (150 words)


    Chinese HSK 1 - 150 Words, 300 Example Sentences, with Audio (Needs Anki installed or app)



    Even though the blog says the HSK levels for the tree are between 1 and 3, all vocabularies are not necessarily in order, including some compounds. Studying vocabularies at a certain HSK as specified from other site isn't ideal.

    So to learn the tree, treat it as if you are working from bottom to top.

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