"Posisi saya di dalam."

Translation:My position is inside.

August 26, 2018

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Posisi here means location. I often hear this phrase used between friends. "Where are you right now?" Posisi kamu di mana? "Posisi saya di dalam" I'm inside (the house, the store etc.)


The thing is neither "my position is inside" nor "my location is inside" actually works in English.


totally agree! outside of some kind of exceptional tactical speak, this is somewhat unnatural.

the best i can suggest is:

'i am positioned inside', or simply 'i am inside'.

including the word 'position' in english is redundant here.

is this however a common expression in indonesian to express position or location?


Apparently it is common, according to nudibranksrcool :)


Agreed with the above in that the sentence is technically correct but there needs to be an explanation of the specific shade of meaning and differences between English Position and Indonesian Posisi.


Surely "I am inside" should be the correct translation?

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