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  5. "Posisi saya di dalam."

"Posisi saya di dalam."

Translation:My position is inside.

August 26, 2018



Posisi here means location. I often hear this phrase used between friends. "Where are you right now?" Posisi kamu di mana? "Posisi saya di dalam" I'm inside (the house, the store etc.)


The thing is neither "my position is inside" nor "my location is inside" actually works in English.


totally agree! outside of some kind of exceptional tactical speak, this is somewhat unnatural.

the best i can suggest is:

'i am positioned inside', or simply 'i am inside'.

including the word 'position' in english is redundant here.

is this however a common expression in indonesian to express position or location?


Apparently it is common, according to nudibranksrcool :)


Agreed with the above in that the sentence is technically correct but there needs to be an explanation of the specific shade of meaning and differences between English Position and Indonesian Posisi.


Does "posisi" really mean something more like "location" here? Your location is where your body is; your position is the shape your body is in.


I thought position and location can share the same meaning, where we are now

"Position" => "posisi", "location" => "lokasi"


Position is used mainly in tactics I.e. your position in sports, or in army tactics - when are are told where to be or what position to be in e.g. yoga positions. It’s used independently. Location changes based on where you move in regards to other things.

For example, if I have a teacup and rotate the handle 180 degrees so it’s facing the other way, we would say its position has changed but not its location. If we move the teacup however, we would say its location has changed.

This is actually a harder question than it should be. Location and position are similar but not the same. It’s tricky to explain though.

In this sentence we could be talking about army tactics I assume.


I suppose different sports use these words differently. My position on my high school football team was right guard, sometimes right tackle. It was my role in the team as a whole, not where I was on the field at a given moment. Is there really such a thing as an "inside" that is a position in an army? I would have thought of one's position as something like quartermaster, forward observer, or battalion commander. Oh, no, I just got it--if asking for air support, for instance, one could be asked "what's your position," and the speaker would want to know a location. I would posit, however, that that is a relatively rare use of the word. That, at least, is my current position.


Then there's the answer I used to give (of course it's not original with me, but no less true): "You were on the X team? What position did you play?""My position was on the bench." That answer turns on the possibility of the word meaning both "location" and "(strategic) role" (i.e., benchwarmer). That was what I thought of when I saw this - "My position was inside," on the couch, watching the game...

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