"I eat my breakfast."

Translation:Saya makan sarapan saya.

August 26, 2018

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Why is 'saya sarapan' not acceptable? In previous modules I was led to believe that Sarapan can be used as a verb too.


I think it's because it has 'my' in the sentence.

saya sarapan: I eat breakfast

saya makan sarapan SAYA: I eat MY breakfast


No, I was marked wrong as well for "saya sarapan saya". Apparently, they want us to use "makan" here.

What I get from this is: 1) either is a mistake and it should've been accepted (i reported just in case); or 2) there's actually a different in "I'm eating my breakfast" and "I'm having my breakfast", in Indonesian it would be, respectively, "Aku makan sarapanku" and "Aku sarapaku".

Please someone that knows more, correct me where I'm wrong.


of course "saya sarapan saya" is marked wrong because it doesnt give you a proper meaning in relation to the question. and yes, we need to input "makan" for the translation of "eat".

"aku makan sarapanku" is correct and should be accepted also. please report if it doesnt. "aku sarapaku" is incorrect and should never be accepted. "sarapa" is not a known indonesian word. if it is a typo, "aku sarapanku" is no different with "saya sarapan saya" therefore it is also incorrect.

in daily conversation, you can say just "saya sarapan" for "i'm having my breakfast". eventhough according to kbbi, the verb of "sarapan" is "menyarap", people rarely say that. usually you will hear "saya sarapan" or "saya sedang sarapan" if the emphasis is on the word "having".


Would "Saya makan sarapanku" work, theoretically?


That should work. That is proper Indonesian.


Actually, if you go that way, it should be "Aku makan sarapanku." You aren't supposed to mix saya with 'ku.


We have seen the 2 ways for "I" in indonesian: "saya" and "aku". The 1st one is formal, and the 2nd one is informal. My question is: Can we say informally "Aku makan sarapan aku"? Would it be right?


It would be right, but the "sarapan aku" would be wrong. To show possesion informally, we just add ku at the end of the noun, example, airku, sarapanku, ayamku. So the correct one should be "Aku makan sarapanku.


Shouldn't "makan pagi" also work? It also means breakfast.


Saya makan pagi would translate as, I have breakfast. Saya makan makan pagi would be correct, but sounds strange to English speakers. Makan sarapan is easier.


Might sound odd, but it is correct


Not really. Makan means eat. You are looking for "makanan pagi


Not really. Makan means eat. You are looking for "makanan pagi", which does mean breakfast. Makanan pagi, makanan siang, makanan malam. Breakfast, lunch, supper.


Why "aku" is not accepted ? I wrote "aku makan sarapan saya"


Why are "Aku makan pagi" or "Aku makan pagi aku" or "Aku makan pagiku" rejected?


What's different between "saya" and "aku"?


It's just the same


Why is "aku sarapanku" incorrect? I thought sarapan could work as a verb as well from previous exercises


Sarapan works as both nouns and verbs but can only be considered one of them in one sentence. In "aku sarapanku", you use sarapan as a noun. That means the sentence has no verb, hence the mistake.


I put Aku makan sarapan saya and was marked wrong. Flagging.


for me it's correct because I'm Indonesian


"aku makan sarapan saya" was marked incorrect. Is the combination of formal and informal the reason?

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