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  5. "You read a book."

"You read a book."

Translation:Kamu membaca sebuah buku.

August 26, 2018



Where did sebuah come from?

[deactivated user]

    Sebuah is a. It's a whole new topic for another day


    Nothing like throwing in a new word after learning a phrase a particular way


    My gosh when they suggest to read "Others comments" I become even more confused then when I started! Regardless of a lot to be improved upon this app, I am still learning so much more than I EVER HAVE LEARNED IN SCHOOL! Cheers !


    What does sebuah mean?


    Baca vs membaca?


    Why can't I say "Bapak membaca buku"? You should be able to say it politely right? so "Bapak" and "Ibu" should all work here?


    It's like the Queen referring to herself as the Queen, "Ibu membaca ini" to her child. Additionally, the question was only for "you", not ibuk/bapak.

    (Technically "they", but they're specific and only used when referring to those two people, in such instances as "mum's reading a book [to me] - or ibu using bapak in place of ia when referring to each other, vice versa - feels rather "young", but it's how it is - also machine parsing)...


    It should work depending on the context but for this question I think it's too far :)

    [deactivated user]

      Kamu is not Babak or Ibu or Kakak or Obama it's you

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