"You read a book."

Translation:Kamu membaca sebuah buku.

August 26, 2018

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Where did sebuah come from?

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    Sebuah is a. It's a whole new topic for another day


    Didn't they said that in Indonesian there is no "a, one, the" (articles)?

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      Agreed hahhaha


      Yeah where did it come from?


      Nothing like throwing in a new word after learning a phrase a particular way


      Sebuah is an article, and not even mandatory...


      My gosh when they suggest to read "Others comments" I become even more confused then when I started! Regardless of a lot to be improved upon this app, I am still learning so much more than I EVER HAVE LEARNED IN SCHOOL! Cheers !


      What does sebuah mean?

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        Sebuah is a


        Also "an". The new weird thing in Indonesian, and you will see, is that the articles are not mandatory. So you can write "Kami membaca buku".

        And also... There are several way to say a/an, it's different for things (sebuah) , for people (seorang) , and for animals (seekor) ... And for things, it depends on the shape of the thing. It looks hard, but you will see that it's very easy.


        Sebiji for smaller items


        Baca vs membaca?


        There are the same, they mean "to read", but membaca, as the longer form, is more formal.
        Use whatever you want.


        I just went to refresh basics 2, sebuah was not a part of it at all the first time or other times I have gone back to that... no clue why it was suddenly thrust upon the restoration part of the thing... very annoying curve ball.


        Sebuah is not mandatory, so just skip it if you feel overwhelmed.


        Kamu membaca buku also works - so why the 'sebuah'?


        Sebuah is the indefinite article for things (but not all things, you'll see later)

        No articles are mandatory in Indonesian, you can skip it, and use it really if you want to express in a non ambiguous way, that it's "a" book (any book), and not "the" book (a specific book)

        I read the book = Saya membaca buku itu. Saya membaca buku.
        I read a book = Saya membaca sebuah buku. Saya membaca buku. I read that book = Saya membaca buku itu. (because "itu" can work for "the" and "that"). Saya membaca buku.
        I read books = Saya membaca buku-buku. Saya membaca buku (yes, the plural can be implicit).
        I read the books = Saya membaca buku-buku itu/ Saya membaca buku-buku. Saya membaca buku.
        I read those books = Same than the previous one.

        You see that sentences can be ambiguous in Indonesian, when you skip the articles. But it's a possibility.
        Anyway, you can be less ambiguous with the articles.


        Your comments are very helpful!


        Ok so sebuah was recently thrown in here


        Sebuah is not mandatory, you can skip it.


        You…I want you to read a book for me! (The queen said that


        The use of the article word is inconsistent in this course


        Sebiji for smaller items

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