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"Bali is to the east from Jakarta."

Translation:Bali ada di timur Jakarta.

August 26, 2018



Is "ada" necessary here?


"Ada" is usually optional, but since there are no context to explain the sentence, I think it's better to write "Ada"


Sorry for pressing, but what context would require "ada," or if you would rather, what context would not?


Based on observations, it seems more natural to use "ada" when you're making more of a statement, like declaring that "Bali is to the east of Jakarta". And optional words are removed more in casual conversation. Like if someone were to ask you where Bali was, and you replied "Bali di timur Jakarta" or just "di timur Jakarta".

Please correct me if I am wrong!


Doesn't east of rather than east from sound better on English?


Yes, it is much more natural.

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