"Kamu punya jeruk."

Translation:You have an orange.

August 26, 2018



"You've oranges" is unnatural.

August 26, 2018


You've oranges, I've apples - what's unnatural about that?

That's quite fluid. It's more common-speak.

"You've oranges?" "Yes, fresh today!" "Great - I'll take 6."

More unnatural in that context would be to say:

"You have oranges?" "You mean, 'Do I have any oranges', if you're going to talk all fancy?" "Yes, sorry, I was trying to talk fancy but failed." "That's quite alright, miss. Now - what was your question?" "You've oranges [today] / [in stock] / [that are fresh] / [that aren't wax and therefore suitable for eating and not only display or still-life painting?" "Yes miss, how many'd you like?" "Hmm... Aku merubah pikiranku. Aku mau apel." "njing... Oke!"

September 25, 2018


That should be "kamu punya sebuah jeruk"

September 28, 2018


Please, i want to kearn other fruits than jeruk and apel...

October 14, 2018
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