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"Sekvontjare mi iros al Ĉinio."

Translation:The following year I will go to China.

August 26, 2018



Any difference between sekvontjare and venontjare?


I would say no.

I've seen some pretty windy explanations on this board saying otherwise, but never with any justification.

  • venontjare = in the year that is coming
  • sekvontjare = in the year that is following.

If there's any difference, it could be that venont- is absolutely "the coming year" (2020 as i write this in 2019) while sekvont-) is relative -- so listen to context clues.

  • Sekvontjare, ARE estos en nova loko.

That means that in 2020 ARE will be in a new location. (It may well be - the decision hasn't been made) If I had said instead:

  • En 2020 ni provos novan lokon por ARE, sed ni eble revenos al Silvero la sekvontan jaron.

That would mean 2021.


What about je la Sekva jaro... — is it correct?


I would prefer en la sekv(ont)a jaro.

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