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  5. "Saya mau membayar."

"Saya mau membayar."

Translation:I want to pay.

August 26, 2018



If membayar is supposed to be transitive, why is there no object in the sentence? Is what you're paying for implied and that's good enough?


If membayar is supposed to be transitive, why is there no object in the sentence? Is what you're paying for implied and that's good enough?

A transitive verb can have an object (but it's not necessary).
An intransitive verb cannot have an object.

Although the object is not being mentioned, the object is there, and you can check the existence of the object by simply asking:

What do you [verb] ?

If there is an answer to this question, then the verb is transitive, else the verb is intransitive.

Like this :

Transitive verb:
Saya mau membayar.
Mau membayar apa ?
Mau membayar makanan.
Object ==> transitive verb

Saya makan.
Makan apa ?
Makan nasi goreng.
Object ==> transitive verb

Intransitive verb :
Saya mau tidur.
Mau tidur apa ?
!? no object ==> intransitive

Saya baru datang.
Datang apa ?
!?!?!? no object ==> intransitive


That makes good sense, and thanks, but 'bayar' has been in transitive use earlier on in the studies. e.g. bayar was used in a sentence " . . . .bayar sarapan" and others here and there, so I will remain cautious for the time being.


I have now checked in two dictionaries and bayar is used in both transative and intrasitive mode. Checking membayar appears only to state for transitive mode. So thus far, 'bayar' is intransitive/transitive and 'membayar' is transitive until any improved definition comes up.


A good explanation.


Yeah really good explanation tanks


I think some of you are trying to figure out why you would use meminum rather than minum:

Source: http://indodic.com/affixeng.html

Attaching one of the prefixes from the ME group to a verb root word doesn't change the meaning of the verb but gives the new verb a sense of  having the main focus of the sentence on the actor and not on the action or the object of the action. Adding one of the prefixes from the "me-group" to a noun or adjective root word often creates a verb that functions to indicate that the subject of an utterance is the agent, actor, initiator or perpetrator - the one responsible for carrying out the action of the verb.


Membayar is transitive; in this case the object is implied since one cannot pay for nothing. meN verbs can be transitive or intransitive but the context should help determine which. The shorter version of the full sentence is sufficient ... as you suspected.


Doea saya mau bayar work here? Just feels like i learn a word for something then its changed a lesson later to another version of same word. Quite confusing why cant we just learn the mos commonly used words in day to day conversation.


How would you say this at a restaurant? "I want to pay" sounds a little too direct, is there a more polite way?

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I'm not a native but I'd give "Apakah saya bisa membayar?" a try.

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