"Tini diduga menerima surat dari pengacara Andi."

Translation:Tini is suspected of receiving a letter from Andi's lawyer.

August 26, 2018

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Duga = suppose, estimate, guess ... di- is the prefix used to make verbs passive ... diduga = is supposed to (suspected of).
Menerima is the me- verb of terima (receive ... terima kasih = thank you ... but literally means 'receive love'). Pengacara is a lawyer or litigator ... acara means schedule / agenda, and has only a limited connection to an occupation formed by adding the prefix peng- Hope this helps ... I have covered as much as I know (with some help from googling the base word, acara).


Thanks, this was quite helpful. Terima lingot-lingot!


Maybe Tini saw Andi going to the bookstore in a previous lesson and now Andi's lawyer is asking Tini to keep it quiet.


That's a good one


Why is my answer "Tini is suspected to have received a letter from Andi's lawyer" wrong?


Hahaha for a moment I thought that the lawyer was called Andi. Lawyer Andi without pants.


Am I just crazy or is the speaker way more difficult to understand in the "Di-" lessons than the previous lessons?


the woman's voice has a lot. more expression....


I don't understand this. Help please.


could you explain which one you don't understand?


A more likely use of English would be "Tini is believed to have received ... 'suspected' has a negative connotation, as though Tini was doing something sneaky.


Shouldn't it be "Tini is assumed to receive a letter from Andi's lawyer?" "suspected" doesn't make sense here in my opinion


Wait, I think I understand now! "Diluga" means something along the lines of "expected", not "suspected". It would make much more sense. So, like previous comments pointed out, in this sentence, she is supposed to received a letter from Andi's lawyer.

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