"Tini diduga menerima surat dari pengacara Andi."

Translation:Tini is suspected of receiving a letter from Andi's lawyer.

August 26, 2018



Duga = suppose, estimate, guess ... di- is the prefix used to make verbs passive ... diduga = is supposed to (suspected of).
Menerima is the me- verb of terima (receive ... terima kasih = thank you ... but literally means 'receive love'). Pengacara is a lawyer or litigator ... acara means schedule / agenda, and has only a limited connection to an occupation formed by adding the prefix peng- Hope this helps ... I have covered as much as I know (with some help from googling the base word, acara).

August 26, 2018


Thanks, this was quite helpful. Terima lingot-lingot!

September 17, 2018


I don't understand this. Help please.

August 26, 2018


could you explain which one you don't understand?

August 26, 2018


Maybe Tini saw Andi going to the bookstore in a previous lesson and now Andi's lawyer is asking Tini to keep it quiet.

November 4, 2018
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