"Taoba kepe ēza?"

Translation:Does the boy have a father?

August 26, 2018

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Maybe this will help somebody. Well, the verb used here is emagon, and we conjugate it like this:

  • 1s: eman (I have)
  • 2s: emā (you have)
  • 3s: ēza (he/she/it has)
  • 1pl: emi (we have)
  • 2pl: emāt (you have)
  • 3pl: ēzi (they have)

Among sagon (to be) and jagon (to go), is one of the most used and irregular verbs in High Valyrian.

Sȳz biarves se geros ilas! (Good luck and good bye)


Thank you so much!


No, he probably died on the Trident with Rhaegar

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