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cz in german!?

I really want to lern the Czech language, is there any chance for a lesson in german at doulingo?

August 26, 2018



Da gerade an keinem solchen Kurs gearbeitet wird (https://incubator.duolingo.com/), denke ich, dass es noch ein paar Jahre dauern dürfte bis einer veröffentlicht wird.


we may never see a course like that because duolingo would first have to want it.

there seem to be three things duolingo has been showing interest in when choosing what courses to add lately: protection of endangered languages, publicity buzz, and expected popularity of the course. czech for german speakers would have nothing to offer for the first two criteria.

if we apply the user number ratio from french for english speakers (11M) and french for german speakers (700K), which is about 6.4%, to the czech for english speakers active user number (214K), we get 14K as the projected active user count for czech from german. so not a very popular course either.

the reverse, german for czechs, faces better odds, but still on the level of a snowball in a really warm place.


I really don't understand Duo's policy here, because the workload is done by the course contributors anyway. The matter looks different if the addition of a course needs e.g. the addition of a foreign alphabet, but this is not the case with Czech from German.

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