"Koran itu oranye."

Translation:That newspaper is orange.

August 26, 2018

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"that orange newspaper" should also pass as correct but it does not


First of all, the correct translation for orange is "jingga" And no, that would have different meanings if you translate it.

"That orange newspaper" literally means "Koran jingga itu", you refer to an object which is a newspaper with orange in color

If you say "Koran itu jingga" you actually make a statement that the newspaper is orange in color

See the difference? In bahasa Indonesia little different could have different meanings. Just like "pisang goreng" means "banana fried" (noun) Whilst "goreng pisang" means "to fried a banana" (verb)


I made the same mistake. I think that "koran oranye itu" would mean that orange newspaper, but you emphasize orange by putting it at the end of the sentence, so you add a verb. But i'm not indonesian at all, so couldn't be sure it is the right interpretation


An orange newspaper? That's bizarre. Usually they are read...


Maybe the "What's black and white and red all over" joke got lost in translation.


Koran itu berwarna oranye ( is correct )


So like-...Why does it say it like...Nya...Q-Q


I put that orange newspaper. That is correct right?


I think "that orange newspaper" would be "koran oranye itu"


... Is this common in Indonesia?


Hai! I cannot say this is common in Indonesia and rest of the world. Just the page color of a newspaper.

In Indonesian, I think it can be possible to find "koran warna oranye" or "koran warna salmon terang".

"Financial Times" is an example. (at least at the moment)

From Wikipedia Indonesia: https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financial_Times

And also, "koran oranye salmon". https://beritagar.id/artikel/berita/sampai-kapan-koran-oranye-ft-bertahan

koran oranye

Selamat belajar! :)


Well, I mean, if yellow journalism can exist, why not orange journalism?


i think it's just another silly sentence


Absolutely! And this sentence is heard every year. Also in Javanese (Koran iku oranye). Because Indonesia is a big country, it happens many times that a newspaper turns orange. I’d guess weekly, if not every day. By various reasons. Let us say, someone paints a wall orange and uses newspapers to protect the floor with.


Can you use jeruk instead of oranye because in english orange is both a colour and a fruit


no, the sentence explain the colour of newspaper only. so the answer either oranye or jingga

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