"Those buildings are hotels."

Translation:Gedung-gedung itu hotel.

August 26, 2018

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I'm Indonesian and I feel like it' missing the word "adalah". It should be "Gedung-gedung itu adalah hotel". Feels like hearing someone speaks English but always forgot to use "the".


What an interesting and useful input from a native! Thank you!


Indeed. I notice that Duolingo omits "adalah" or the equivalent of "to be" in most of its items. It's a disservice since I believe that learners should be acquainted with the proper grammar of Indonesian/Malay.


Gedung gedung itu ada hotel...was marked wrong. Doesn't "ada" mean "are"? When would you use "ada" if not in the above sentence?


Why do you not need 'hotel-hotel' here?


Why do you not need 'hotel-hotel' here?

I think it's redundant (not necessarily wrong) to use 'hotel-hotel'.
It's because you're talking about hotels in general, a category.
That's an indication of quantity/plurality.
That means that you don't need to reduplicate.


I think it is because "hotel" is the adjective here. These buildings ARE hotels.


Why was "Gedung-gedung itu ada hotel." marked Incorrect???


I see that this reciprocation plural could be tricky in application. Hotel here is a category, not treated as a count noun . . .


So ada or adalah should be accepted?


Why 'hotels' is not writen in plural form?


My Indonesian soul told me that the buildings got the plural form because the emphasis is on those buildings. So the context might be like this:

A: What are those buildings? / Gedung-gedung apa itu?

B: Those buildings are hotels / Gedung-gedung itu adalah hotel (not schools, not apartments)

'Gedung-gedung itu adalah hotel-hotel' would also be a correct translation.

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