"The boys' cat"

Μετάφραση:Η γάτα των αγοριών

May 4, 2014

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I had this singular: "The boy's cat" which was accepted but I think "των αγοριών" is plural. So, I think I'm wrong.


You're right! 'των αγοριών' is plural. 'The boy's cat' should be ' Η γάτα του αγοριού'. The system seems to be making allowances for good students... :-)


Thanks for the reply. Actually, I'm glad I recognized that I was wrong. And wow to have allowances made for good students! That's a first for me and many thanks. Even though this is the course to learn Eng. it has helped me greatly improve my Greek. The whole course is excellent with really good sentences and the hover examples are a dream. Kudos to all the team.

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