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"Saya beli selai cokelat dan kacang."

Translation:I buy chocolate jam and peanuts.

August 26, 2018



Would this refer to something like chocolate icing and peanut butter, or are these some different sorts of spread? Does selai really refer to any spread, or is it limited to sweet spreads made from fruit, as the English word jam is?


'selai' is more like jam, marmelade, (sandwich spread).
I think it has a Dutch origin 'gelei', *think of the word 'jelly').

selai/se·lai/ n
bubur dari buah-buahan yang dimasak dengan gula sampai kental
(biasanya dioleskan pada roti, kue, dan sebagainya);
-- nanas; -- stroberi

definition translated :
'bubur' from fruits that are cooked with sugar until it's thick. usually served with bread, cake, etc...

It's even made the same way as marmelade


I suggest: I buy chocolate spread (something like Nutella) and peanuts. In English peanuts is usually used in the plural form.


I buy chocolate spreads (“Hershey’s spreads” in the USA , “chocolade pasta” in the Netherlands) and peanut butter .


I read this as purchasing 3 distinct items, jam, chocolate and peanuts. What am I not understanding?


selai cokelat= chocolate spread(pasta) , selai kacang = peanut butter


I just wonder if Indonesian is as badly constructed as the English on here.

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