"Raj does not live with Aamir."

Translation:राज आमिर के साथ नहीं रहता है।

August 26, 2018

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Why is के necessary? Would राज साथ आमिर नहीं रहता है be wrong? Or क साथ just a structure?


It's just a structure. This is how I (non mother tongue) have come to think of it:

आमिर के सामने (Aamir's front)

आमिर के पीछे (Aamir's behind)

आमिर के साथ (Aamir's 'entourage/accompaniment/associations')

So the given sentence is like "Raj, (as) Aamir's accompaniment, doesn't live."

By the way, साथ alone can mean together (sometimes you see it like साथ-साथ, or एक साथ). So they go together is वे एक साथ जाते हैं।


I wrote "Raj Aamir ke sath nahi rahta" and it was correct. Would "Raj Aamir ke sath nahi rahta hai" also be correct? Why?


with negative statements, duolingo lets you skip the "hai".


Yes it is also correct i also done it in the same way as you typed for the secong time ''Raj Aamir ke sath nahi rehta hai''

Ye it is also correct

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