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"Raj does not live with Aamir."

Translation:राज आमिर के साथ नहीं रहता है।

August 26, 2018



Why is के necessary? Would राज साथ आमिर नहीं रहता है be wrong? Or क साथ just a structure?


It's just a structure. This is how I (non mother tongue) have come to think of it:

आमिर के सामने (Aamir's front)

आमिर के पीछे (Aamir's behind)

आमिर के साथ (Aamir's 'entourage/accompaniment/associations')

So the given sentence is like "Raj, (as) Aamir's accompaniment, doesn't live."

By the way, साथ alone can mean together (sometimes you see it like साथ-साथ, or एक साथ). So they go together is वे एक साथ जाते हैं।

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