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  5. "Julia's uncle is sick."

"Julia's uncle is sick."

Translation:जूलिया के मामा बीमार हैं।

August 26, 2018



I'm not sure why चाचा is wrong, or why it is an option along with मामा. Are they both not words for uncle? I see nothing in the sentence which tells us if it is a maternal or paternal uncle.


Any of मामा, चाचा, मौसा, and फूफा should be accepted. I hope you used the report button.


I did. I'm sure they'll figure it out. I'm just happy that Hindi is finally available.


Why is जूलिया का चाचा बीमार है not accepted?


Because that would be a very rude way to say that. When referring to elders, honorific plurals are used.

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